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Established in 2015, House Finder is an Australian Buyers Agency providing an all inclusive service that finds investment properties for you. With hundreds of happy clients so far from seasoned investors with multiple properties or budding investors wanting to jump on the property ladder, we can help.

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Making money through property investment

People often fall into the trap of purchasing investment properties for emotional reasons, convenience, or via unsubstantiated hopes sold to them by spruikers, developers, the media, and even family & friends.

We locate and purchase properties Australia wide based on numbers first, ensuring our clients reap the financial rewards from day one, and lay the foundation to build a significant property portfolio.

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Simon provided excellent service and went about and beyond for our recent purchase in SE Qld. I’m quite methodical and did my own due diligence and the numbers and values he was providing stacked up. It was worth the experience as it provided valuable learnings and education for future purchases and the value comes through Simon’s knowledge and local networking/connections. Thanks again Simon.

Matthew Locke

I've recently used Simon Loo from House Finder for the purchase of an investment property in Logan City Council. I have used other Buyers Agents in the past but Simon is cut from a different cloth.

Overall I have found Simon to be a really genuine and down to earth person. He is easy to talk to, always accessible and happy to answer any questions and share as much info as possible. He knows the Logan area very well, and is highly knowledgeable about growing a portfolio being an investor himself.

We've already engaged him to start looking for our next one and as such, I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone looking for a Buyers Agent.

Stephen Chan

I cannot recommend Simon enough, he has made the purchase of an investment property a seamless process.

Always free to provide insightful advice relating to investment property performance and general housekeeping such as key timelines and ques to act at different times.

The results are what we came for and Simon has provided me with a purchase of an investment property which is well below market value through contacts within the industry and strong negotiation strategy.

Now onto house number 2! 10/10

Alban Leung

As a seasoned investor, this has been the most complicated purchase of all my properties due to a challenging renovation, but at the same time, its the least amount of work I've had to do.

I have used 2 buyers agents previously and my wife used to ask me; 'why do you pay for a buyers agent if you have to be so actively involved?' This time was difference, and in fact, I took a holiday whilst Simon finalised the purchase and oversaw the entire renovation allowing me to spend time with my family.

I think that's priceless and your fees are miniscule compared to that.

Can't express in words how happy I have been with this purchase.

Rajesh Subramanian

I approached Simon after reading recommendations for Buyers Agents within the Logan Area, as this was my targeted location for my initial investments. Being a first time Property Investor I was relying heavily on local area knowledge and expertise to assist me with my purchase, to ensure I bought the right property in the right location but more importantly for the right price.

What has eventuated from that first phone call has been beyond phenomenal for my own personal growth and experience as a property investor. Simon has not only aided in securing me my very first investment property but assisted me open-handedly by giving me the ‘think big’ mentality, in addition to providing me with a strategic plan to assist me in reaching my financial goals. To me, this was the most valuable bit of information I could have ever received, as appose to purchasing any investment property.

Simon has taught me not to get emotionally invested and is not hesitant to advise to pull out of a potential deal, when the numbers no longer stack up in our favour during the negotiation phase.
Whether it be face to face, email, WhatsApp or phone, Simon is always accessible and prepared to be bombarded with a triage of questions. Even after the deal is done and dusted, Simon is more than happy to assist with any questions which may arise.

In addition to the wealth of knowledge which you will acquire via Simons' services, the people that he will introduce you to along the way will be equally as important. Simon guided us through the whole process of the purchasing stage all the way through to the rental stage – it was a turnkey investment.

Dave and Alyssha Revell

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