Boosting Your Property Portfolio by Bursting Onto Airbnb With Simon Loo

31 May 2021

Season 4, Ep. 539

Simon Loo is the founder and director of buyers agency House Finder, and is a buyer’s agent himself. His property portfolio is now worth over $8 million, with $4 million in equity, affording him the ultimate goal of financial freedom. He has a wealth of knowledge to share about property investment in general, and now his accomplishments include exploding onto the Airbnb market.

Join us as we discuss how he grew his Airbnb portfolio one by one, in various sun drenched, fun-filled locations. He dives into the gaffe he made with his first property that he rectified with his second and third, how important it is to have a theme for the property, and the many ways Airbnb properties differ from hotels and motels. In addition, we find out how $10,000 can be the difference between renting privately and renting on Airbnb, and how one shower plus $5,000 can make a winning combination!