How A Buyer’s Agent Can Help Their Clients Build A Portfolio – Invest Like A Pro With Simon Loo

8 November 2019

Season 3, Ep. 394

Simon Loo is a successful investment property buyer’s agent and director of buyer’s agency, House Finder. He has an abundance of experience in the field of buying investment properties for his clients and he shares with us some of that knowledge on the strategies you should implement to help build a positive property portfolio.

Join us as we delve into the topic of, “How an investment property buyer’s agent can help their clients buy the best properties for their portfolio,” he shares stories about a specific client that has been able to build a portfolio worth approximately $2.8 million, the criteria that he adheres by when buying property, and the advantages you receive when you have a buyer’s agent and much more on this special episode of Invest Like A Pro brought to you by House Finder!