Killing It In Kallangur: How to Make $30,000 A Month Doing Nothing

14 March 2022

Season 4, Ep. 731

Simon Loo is the founder and director of buyers agency House Finder, and is a buyer’s agent himself. His property portfolio is now worth over $11 million, with $6 million in equity, affording him the ultimate goal of financial freedom. He has a wealth of knowledge to share about property investment in general, with a current focus on southeast Queensland.

In today’s episode we centre in on a seasoned investor who called upon Loo for his expert assistance in the Moreton Bay region. While the home itself had great bones, despite likely being older than the investor himself, that’s just the beginning of this epic tale of uplift! Additionally, the selling situation was certainly an unusual one, which factored heavily into both the sale price and the $200,000 uplift it generated in less than five months. You don’t want to miss this story, especially if you’re concerned about missing out on the boom impacting Brisbane and its surrounding areas— there’s more to Moreton Bay than you may think.