Put Your West Food Forward For an Instant $170,000 in Equity

1 September 2022

Season 4, Ep. 782

Simon Loo is the founder and director of buyers agency House Finder, and is a buyer’s agent himself. His property portfolio is now worth over $11 million, with $6 million in equity, affording him the ultimate goal of financial freedom. He has a wealth of knowledge to share about property investment in general, and while his main focus is on southeast Queensland, he also ventures further afield.

Today’s episode is one of those instances, where he takes us out west to an idyllic location south of Perth. He lets us in on some of the west coast’s best kept secrets, including the ways in which it trumps our three biggest cities— and there’s more than one! If you’ve ever thought Western Australia was too far away from anything, Loo is here to remind you just how close it really is, and just how quickly investing there could bring you closer to your financial freedom goal.