Simon Loo and the Boom: Making $200,000+ in 7 Months With 1 Property

21 January 2022

Season 4, Ep. 716

Simon Loo is the founder and director of buyers agency House Finder, and is a buyer’s agent himself. His property portfolio is now worth over $11 million, with $6 million in equity, affording him the ultimate goal of financial freedom. He has a wealth of knowledge to share about property investment in general, with a current focus on southeast Queensland.

Join us as we discuss the urban sprawl across the country, particularly in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Traveling around Australia’s third biggest city and just slightly down the road, he delves into details that may surprise you, featuring ‘ugly duckling’ suburbs that are now swanning around the property market pond. If you thought you had missed the boom— it’s time to think again.