Simon Loo and the Brisbane Boom: Making $300K+ With Just 1 Reno

16 May 2022

Simon Loo is the founder and director of buyers agency House Finder, and is a buyer’s agent himself. His property portfolio is now worth over $11 million, with $6 million in equity, affording him the ultimate goal of financial freedom. He has a wealth of knowledge to share about property investment in general, with a current focus on southeast Queensland.

In this episode he shares a case study featuring a client with a unique brief who was looking to buy in the Moreton Bay region. While this particular client differed from much of his usual clientele, as always Loo stopped at nothing to help them achieve their goal— and then some! He doles out some tips on making every last cent of your renovation count, so that when it’s your turn to get your hands dirty, you’ll know when to DIY and when to call in the experts. After all, $5,000 is just a drop in the bucket when you’re making over $300,000 in equity in one go!