Tip And Tricks On How To Afford To Buy Property – Invest Like A Pro With Simon Loo

2 April 2020

Season 4, Ep. 438

Simon Loo is a successful property buyer’s agent and director of property buyer’s agency, House Finder. He has been working in the property industry for a vast amount of years and has gained a wealth of knowledge along his journey. He is generous enough to share some of his expert strategies and advice on how to improve your skills when it comes to investing in property.

Come with us as we delve into today’s topic of housing affordability and the biggest issues surrounding this problem, we learn about one of his clients and the situation they were in and how Loo was able to help them, we discuss the current climate of the property market in relation to the ongoing global pandemic, we find out about some of the strategies we can implement to be able to purchase property and make a profit, and much much more!